Trigger x Stud Duck
Owned with Ellerbrock and Cedarcrest

We are very proud to introduce Checkmate to our ram battery! Checkmate is the $30,500 high seller from Brian Johnson's spring sale. This sheep is quite simply one of
the most talked about rams born in 2011. Everyone who saw the ram as a baby recognized the greatness from day 1.

Several people have stopped by Ellerbrock's to see how he grew out this fall and the verdict is always the same...he is even better now! His top width and shape is outrageous, monster racked, and his hip is insanely big. He's extremely shallow for such a muscle piece, yet big ribbed and soft flanked. He stands on a big foot and his skeletal mass is wild. Babies will arrive in February 2012, so stay tuned, big things are expected!


Miller “Maker” x All In x Masterpiece’s Twin Sister
Bred by Miller Hamps
Owned with Ellerbrock


White Rock x No Deal x No Deal

QRNN, Bred by Franklin/Cover - Owned with Lambright

2012 Champion Crossbred at Reno

Huge thanks to Lambright Club Lambs for allowing us the opportunity to get in on one of the most talked about ram prospects of 2012!



Bulletproof x Panda (Unleaded x MDM’s Dam)

Owned by New Horizon Genetics


Reserve Senior Champion Crossbred
2012 Reno
Bred by Franklin

White Rock (Kid Rock-Lanier x Double bred Ceasar) x Ultra x Yahoo
Owned with Blume Club Lambs


Public Enemy (Incognito/Leverage x Trademark x Marcantel) x
Winfrey Monster Truck (Burson Little Jon x Leo) x Perrazi

We knew from the day this sheep was born that he was the keeper ram we'd been waiting for in 2011. Not only is his pedigree loaded with some of the best bloodlines around, but phenotypically he puts everything into FOCUS. He is one of the biggest boned and shaggiest rams around today. He is extremely cool in design, especially when put into motion, and meets every trendy aspect of the show industry today. Freakishly wide based, huge hipped with very high, pulled apart pins and his wild stifle dimension compliments his obnoxious skeleton. He was used hard on our ewe lambs, which we feel are the best ewes we've ever owned. These matings will yield great things, you'll hear from him down the road!


Mount Up x Garrett Ceasar

Owned with Becky Lynch, MD and

Hubbard Club Lambs, GA


AE Mayhem x Incognito


AE Turmoil (Mayhem x Composure) x Miller P 4029
(Patron - owned by Glasscock x Masterpiece)

Leased to Blume Club Lambs for 2013 lambs


Checkmate x Focus’ Mother (Winfrey Monster Truck- Burson Little Jon x Leo x Perazzi)

Photo taken at 60 days old.
Owned with Figlinski Club Lambs


Mayhem x Composure


Double bred LSU

We are very thankful for the opportunity to buy part of this great sire!  Champions sired from coast to coast and we can't wait to see what happens!



Authentic (E3) x Pretty Caesar/Miller

Raised by us out of an Ellerbrock bred ewe from 2008 Bred Ewe Sale.
Sold half interest to Ryan Thurston.

All who have seen him are as impressed as we are. Freakishly shallow chester, yet very wide based and extremely pulled apart, especially in his pins. Huge boned, butterfly racked, perfect rib shape, flawless structured and silky hided. Keep an eye out -- you'll hear from him down the road!

Half interest in this great proven sire sold to Blume family Club Lambs, Mineral Point WI


Mossy Oak
E1 x Pretty Ceasar/Marcantel
Raised by Ellerbrock


people's choice

E1 x Pretty Ceasar/Marcantel
Raised by Ellerbrock



Precision (Elliott Incognito/Leverage x Trademark) x Marcantel
Raised by Ellerbrock


SOLD -- Thank you
Rod Brown & Family, WIGladiator
Primary Interest sold to
Mike Figlinski Family, WIVendetta

Pretty Caesar son out of
a Tuff/Ott ewe.

Bred by Ellerbrock Club Lambs

DX Son (Blue Cabaniss/Elmo) out of Ellerbrock 4631 (Pretty Caesar/Cabaniss 105-98 daughter). Bred by us.


Sedalia Miller Son
Bred by Ellerbrock

Half interest in this great proven sire sold to Blume family Club Lambs, Mineral Point WI